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November 2013

Innovation Transport Services is excited to announce that we now accept credit card payments, including AMEX. We are always looking for ways to allow our customers as much flexibility and convenience when dealing with us as possible. So we are happy to move forward with this development.

In addition to this service, we can also take online bookings via the website or, you can always call our Operations Specialist in your local branch.

To pay an account using this method or for further information please email

October 2013

ITS Preston's was approached by Channel 10 producers to hire a truck for one of their newer shows, 'Wanted'.

Hank, our driver in a Prime Mover was hired to help with a re-enactment of a cold case. This aired on Channel 10 and we would like to share the episode with you. The ITS team were happy to contibute to the re-enactment and hopfully help with the ongoing investgation.

Click the link below to view the story -

October 2013

ITS Transport was involved with Mermaid Digital Media last week in production of our first promotional video for the website. Several drivers and internal team members were included in the production to highlight the high quality of employees working with us at ITS. The shoot was set over two days and it was exciting to be a part of it all. Obviously we cannot wait to see the outcome of the efforts.

Leon, Ted and the whole team from Mermaid Media were outstanding in their professionalism and desire to attain the precise outcomes we were hoping to attain.

More information on Mermaid Digital Media can be found by visiting their Facebook page at

September 2013

ITS Transport was recently present at an event in Lilyfield, held at the delightful and elegant grounds of Le Montage function centre, overlooking Iron Cove Bay and Dobroyd Point in Lilyfield. A must venue for anyone requiring a special event in that area. The function was organised by the NSW Business Chamber and we were present as finalists for the South Western Regional Awards for “Excellence in Business”.

We were honoured to be nominated and considering our recent success with winning the Small Business Champions Award for Service our expectations were high. Alas it was not to be, when the winners were announced it was not ITS but another equally worthy recipient. The evening was still a gala affair and all there enjoyed themselves immensely I’m sure.

Although we were not the nominated winners, our enthusiasm and resolve has not been dampened and we will double our efforts next year. To all those involved in the organising of this event, a big congratulations for a spectacular success and to all entrants, finalists and winners alike we at ITS Transport extend our hopes and wishes for an extremely successful future.

For more infomation on the NSW Business Chamber visit

July 2013

It is with great pleasure I announce to you that Innovation Transport Services has expanded its operation into Queensland. Queensland Transport Solutions is now part of the ITS Transport network adding to our branches in Sydney and Melbourne.

Please feel free to contact your local representative to discuss how the ITS Transport Network can provide solutions to all your transport needs or contact the Queensland Branch Manager via email at

July 2013

Brett was personally been affected by the devastation of the diagnosis of cancer. His father, David Howison passed away two and a half years ago from stomach cancer.

Every year, Dry July is his way of helping to improve the lives of adults living with cancer through an online social community giving up booze for the month of July.

For more information on this great cause go to

May 2013

Our in training, second operator Kate Dudgeon recently traded in her office heals for a high vis vest and steel cap boots and headed out with our fleet to experience a 'Day in the life of an ITS Transport Driver'.

Kate got to experience different loading zones, hand unloads and the trouble some drivers face when driving though the city. Now understanding a little better why it is so important to make sure you send the right truck.

- "I had such a fantastic day and learnt many skills I can take back into my operations role." - Kate Dudgeon

April 2013

Innovation, entrepreneurialism and great Aussie service have been the backbone of this country's economic development for many years. The role of small businesses in Australia deserves to be promoted, so that the hard working people are fully recognized for their contribution to the nation.

ITS Transport has entered these awards both last year and this year and while we were finalists last year, we are very pleased to announce this year we were awarded the National Small Business Champion award in the area of 'Service'.

As the owner of the business, I would like to acknowledge that an award of this magnitude cannot be attributed to the efforts of one individual alone, but is the outcome of the efforts of the entire team, including all branches, drivers, and all associated resources. Everyone involved with ITS Transport over the past few years has helped build ITS into the kind of company that can consider itself worthy of receiving an award such as this and for that I am extremely grateful.

However, rather than basking in the glory of this recognition, it means we now need to double our efforts and continue to raise our expectations, to be worthy of this honor and prove to our customers and ourselves we are the champions of customer service in our industry.

March 2013

The sun shone brightly on this year's Penrith Working Truck Show, as owners, drivers and their families mingled around the gleaming rigs amid a country fair atmosphere at the Museum of Fire, Penrith.

Brett Howison, CEO of ITS Transport, comments on the day were published in the Magazine stating, The importance of these types of days in the industry. ITS has been a spectator a few times, but the signage around the Kenworth and promotional team showed that driver recruitment was one of the main reasons for attending this year, especially with the current driver shortage there is in the industry.

The ITS Transport team had a great day and are looking forward to attending again next year. For more information on the 2014 Penrith working Truck show visit